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Not All Cars are Appropriate for New Drivers

Cars to Avoid Buying for New Drivers

There is nothing like the getting your first car. For all the freedom it provides, it also carries an equal, if not greater, amount of responsibility. That goes for parents as well who might be helping their newly minted drivers look for their first set of wheels. Certainly all the usual considerations going into buying a vehicle, condition, reliability, etc. But, also the type of vehicle chosen for new and inexperienced drivers is very important. Safety experts have outlined some important points for cars to avoid buying for new drivers. Let’s take a closer look.

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Why You Should Avoid High-Performance Sports Cars

The allure of horsepower is hard to deny. Even experienced drivers behind the wheel of high-performance sports cars can’t resist the urge to put their foot into the throttle, ending up with a speeding ticket. New drivers can put themselves into potentially dangerous situations simply because the don’t have enough experience on the road under the best circumstances. Adding several hundred horsepower to the equation is not advisable.

Why Avoid Models Without Safety Features

There has never been a safer era of the automotive industry than right now. However, things changed several years ago when a lot of safety systems became required by the government and other safety agencies to pass crash tests. Experts suggest avoiding vehicles that are too old to come with features like hands-free Bluetooth connectivity, electronic traction control and anti-lock brakes. Thankfully, a buyer would have to go back more than a decade to really find a car without these systems.

Why Avoid Large or Small Vehicles

As safe as modern vehicles are because of advances to safety technology, the physics of a collision are still at play. Large vehicles can become unstable in extreme situations when driven by an inexperienced driver. Additionally, if that new driver loses control of full-size SUV or heavy-duty pickup truck, its weight and higher center of gravity can become a problem. Similarly, small cars lacking modern safety features present problems because they lack mass, which can be crucial in some crash scenarios. 

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Nov 19th, 2023