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The Lowest Price Isn’t Always the Best Car Deal

Can You Buy a Used Car for $15,000?

Naturally, we work with people every day who are very price-conscious. If there is anything we want Davey Auto Sales to be known for, it’s for how easy it is to find great pre-owned vehicles that are safe and reliable at an affordable price. A lot of people come to us looking for vehicles around the $15,000 mark or less. So, is it possible to buy a used car for this price? Sure. Those deals are out there. The team at Davey Auto Sales thought it would be helpful to look at this proposition.

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What Kind of Cars Can You Buy for $15K or Less?

The vehicles priced around the $15,000 mark can vary by make and model, as well as age. Compact sedans and hatchbacks are likely to be the most common models occupying this part of the pre-owned automotive industry. Even when they’re on the secondary market, these platforms are prized for their fuel efficiency and ability to navigate crowded city streets and parking spaces easily.

Over time, all vehicles drop in value. The older a vehicle gets, combined with all the kilometres that accumulate on the odometer, drives down the suggested asking price.

Is the Cheapest Car Always the Best Deal?

One of the most important parts of the Davey Auto Sales process is guiding people to make the best possible decisions for their given situation. A lot of customers we work with will gravitate toward the lowest available prices. We understand this desire. However, older vehicles with a lot of kilometres on them can be prone to mechanical problems because of their age. What you save in upfront costs, you could likely spend on maintenance and repairs. 

If you need some help finding an honest deal on a safe and reliable pre-owned vehicle, make an appointment with a Davey Auto Sales representative today.

Feb 16th, 2024