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Rust Damage is Bad, But How Bad is It?

Can Rust Damage Be Repaired?

Rust is an unfortunate fact of life for an automobile. Automakers do a lot to try to get ahead of this scourge, but it’s a difficult battle to fight. Nothing should give a car buyer pause faster than seeing the phrase ‘rust damage’ on a vehicle history report. It’s definitely a concern, but it’s also important to understand that not all rust damage is the same. So, can rust damage be repaired? In some cases, yes. But there are a lot of variables that can affect if rust damage can be repaired or even mitigated safely. Let’s take a closer look at some important information.

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Why is Rust Damage Dangerous?

Rust is caused by a mixture of moisture and carbon dioxide to form a weak but still corrosive acid on the surface of metals. Despite the extensive mitigation measures taken by automakers, rust damage can occur anywhere on a vehicle. Left untreated, rust damage can weaken critical structures, making a car, truck, or SUV unsafe to drive. Several automakers are diligently working on new materials that will make rust damage a thing of the past. However, it will still be a while before buyers will be able to benefit from these changes.

Surface Rust Vs. Structural Rust

The number one factor for determining if rust damage can be repaired is where it’s located. Surface rust occurs in places like bumpers and body panels. Normally, paint and a clear coat will protect these surfaces from rust damage. But, if those protections are damaged by minor impacts or flying loose gravel, the metal can be exposed and become vulnerable to rust.

Structural rust is far more insidious and dangerous because it occurs in places that are hard to see. A vehicle’s frame is protected much in the same way as body panels, but it’s also far more prone to damage. It doesn’t take much for these protections to be damaged, allowing rust to take hold. Repairing structural rust damage is very difficult. If it’s done incorrectly, it could actually make things much worse. This is why it’s so important to pay attention to information on a vehicle history report and have an independent expert take a close look at any vehicle you might want to buy.

Can Rust Damage Be Prevented?

As bad as rust damage can be for a vehicle, there are some simple steps a person can take to prevent it. Our experienced team of product experts put together some tips that will help you keep your vehicle in the best possible condition for eventual resale or trade-in. Take a look below:

  • Wash and wax your vehicle regularly
  • Flush the underside of your vehicle regularly, too
  • Check for water leaks around the engine bay, trunk and doors
  • Quickly repair scratches and paint chips

Are you worried about the level of rust damage to your car, truck or SUV? Is it time to find something different to drive? Make an appointment with a Davey Auto Sales product expert today, and we’ll help you consider all of your available options.

Feb 15th, 2023