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Is it Worth Having a Winter Car?

We’ve all heard the term “winter beater” and while the car you drive in the winter doesn’t have to be as in poor condition as that term often applies, the question often arises, is it worth it to have a specific vehicle that you just drive in the winter? The car, truck, SUV or minivan you drive in the winter doesn’t have to be a “beater” but having a designated vehicle that you drive in the winter can provide a world of benefit to your driving needs, especially if you have a vehicle you want to keep in peak condition. Our Davey Auto Sales team thought it would be worthwhile to breakdown this common winter driving strategy, and how you can benefit from Davey Auto Sales.

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What is a Winter Car?

A winter car, or a “winter beater,” as it’s often affectionately known as, is a different vehicle from your main year-round model, made to be one you’re less concerned about getting damaged or breaking down due to the strict demands of winter driving. If you have a prized possession dream car that you don’t want to subject to the rigours of winter, swapping in a cheaper model for those months is a popular strategy to make it through the season with weather that can wreak havoc on your vehicle. Living here in Canada we’re all too familiar with the concept, but is it really worth it?

The Benefits of Driving a Winter Car

First and foremost, the biggest detraction from buying a winter car is that you’ll, of course, be buying another vehicle, which is going to cost you. Fortunately for you, if you do your shopping here at Davey Auto Sales, you’ll be able to get a used vehicle at a value price, and one that is of the best pre-owned quality, there are no “beaters” around here. Once purchasing the vehicle, you’ll be able to get insurance at a lower value compared to your new ride (given it can be switched to ‘parked’ status for a good portion of the year), and may also be able to take advantage of multi-vehicle reductions on your policy. 

While the initial cost of a secondary winter car may make you take a second look, taking a gaze at the long-term benefits can show its worth. This can mean extending the length of your primary vehicle (especially if it is that much of a prized possession) by years, which can pay off in the future. As well, having a winter vehicle that is specialized for the conditions, like with AWD or 4x4 for the winter, provides a huge benefit, along with only having to buy winter tires for that one vehicle. Not only that but your maintenance costs on your primary vehicle may be less when it isn’t subjected to winter, and if you do sell it you can always slap on the “hasn’t been driven in winter” note to try and bring in a higher value.


Shop a Winter Car at Davey Auto Sales

Are you looking for a winter car? Make no mistake, we don’t sell beaters, we sell the best quality used vehicles you’ll find in Oshawa. But, these vehicles come at a great price and are perfectly primed to take you safely and confidently through the winter season. Contact our team, today, to let one of our staff members guide you through our inventory and help you find the perfect vehicle to meet your winter driving needs.

Dec 22nd, 2022