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New Vehicle Promotions You Should Watch Out For

Are New Vehicle Promos Real?

Every major automaker blankets every form of media with flashy ads for new vehicles that throw a lot of numbers at people, trying to get them into the doors of the dealership. If you’ve found yourself asking, “Are new vehicle promotions real,” you are not alone. There can be a lot of confusing things said in those ads. All of them are designed to get you to buy a vehicle without giving much thought to the financial consequences. The team at Davey Auto Sales put together a few things to help you answer some important questions you may have.

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Exceptionally Low Monthly Payments

A popular incentive is for a new car dealer to advertise something like a $99 per month payment. This certainly sounds too good to be true. If you’re not careful about examining the details, it could become a problem down the road. Sometimes these kinds of offers end up with:

  • A higher monthly payments because of required add-ons and other fees not made entirely clear.
  • A large down payment could be required, putting the deal out of reach of many buyers – especially those with less-than-perfect credit scores.
  • A loan term that lasts for a long time, meaning you’ll be paying a lot of interest.

Zero Due at Lease Signing

Leasing can be a great tool for the right person in the right financial circumstances with the right driving needs. If you qualify for a lease, your attention might be piqued by an ad that promises no money due when you sign the lease. Before you commit to anything, it’s very important to read through all of the fine print because there could be some surprises. While the dealership might require a down payment for the first month’s payment at signing, you could still be on the hook for taxes and fees, or you might need to qualify for additional rebates to get that promotion.

Davey Auto Sales has a straightforward process in place when it comes to selling vehicles. Our team will walk you through the entire deal at your pace, making sure you understand everything and that you’re comfortable with the car, truck, or SUV you might be taking home. Make an appointment with one of our product experts today.

Feb 20th, 2024