Side view of person gripping a steering wheel with both hands

Test driving is just getting in your prospective vehicle, doing a couple spins around the block and that’s it, right? While test driving a vehicle should accomplish whatever it is you’d like t...

October 25th, 2021
Buying Used Vehicles
Couple holding up car key

For whatever reasons, many people often have a less than favourable opinion of buying used, and may just not understand the many advantages that come with purchasing a used vehicle, and doing so f...

October 18th, 2021
Used Vehicles
Keys held up by a hand in front of out of focus vehicle

Selling your vehicle privately can be an absolute hassle, a frustrating experience that leaves everything up to you, and which can extend for months on end, but it doesn’t have to be that way. S...

September 29th, 2021
Selling Your Vehicle
Close-up of car keys

If you’re looking for some tips on how to best position your vehicle for sale to a dealership, for the benefit of you and your vehicle, we’re here to help. Here at Davey Auto Sales, having bee...

September 21st, 2021
Selling Your Vehicle
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